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Act of Love

Love is an action,

Not in-action,

Not a reaction.

For the newborn baby, love is skin and heartbeat

For a curious child, a father’s presence 

For the orphan, an open door

For that other soul across the room, an exchange of glances

For an old love, the unexpected

For the wilting flower, a handful of water

For the eroding soil, a break

For the farmer, community

For a river diverted, a thousand people marching up to the town hall

For the immigrant on a boat at sea, dry land, and blankets

For the veteran still re-leaving a dark day, an audience

For the teenager intimidated by a world of possibilities, friendship

For the protestor on the streets of hong kong, a neighbor to the north

For the black activist, a heartfelt apology

For a tyrant, opposition

For a broken world, poetry

– Yoav

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